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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need for a payday loan?
Your most recent paystub, a recent bank statement usually a print out of your recent activity, either a cheque from your account or a pre authorized payment form, and a current utility bill or anything else that comes to you in the mail.

Do you have title loans and what are the requirements?
Yes we do. Requirements are you must own your own vehicle (not leased and no outstanding loans on it), must be less than 8 years old, and must have vehicle insurance including collision and comprehensive coverage. You must have a steady income.

What do you need to cash a cheque?
All you need is your picture ID and the cheque, and you get fast, friendly service and the choice between cash in your pocket or a no monthly fee debit card. Members cash cheques at discounted rates, see Membership for details. All cheques are subject to approval via our computer system. When you come to our store for the first time we may call the maker of the cheque to confirm authenticity. On very large cheques we may have to let the cheque clear before issuing the cash.

What is the difference between having an account and being a member?
Members pay an annual fee of $35.00 to obtain reduced fees as well as other benefits.

What is a notice of cancellation?
A form used under legislation that allows you 48 hours to cancel the contract and have no fees.

Are the cheque cashing fees an income tax write-off?
Yes, if you own a business and are cashing a business cheque.

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Membership Program:

By joining as a member of Money Stop and using our partnership discounts you can reduce your loan fees, etc. significantly. The more often you use your card the more $$ you save.

Other Services:

  1. Cash Cards

  2. Prepaid Debit Cards

  3. Prepaid Phone cards

  4. Bill Payments

  5. Mail Box Rentals

  6. Phone Reconnect

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Buy Back Loans


& Save:

Did you know that you can buy back your loan and save 8% on loan fees? A buy back is when a loan is paid for prior to closing time on the due date. 

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The Money Stop Mission:


To provide a fair, and equitable financial service
to those who are looking for a banking alternative.

We will endeavour to do this by the use of store fronts
that are not only pleasing to the eye, but are friendly and professional
in how they treat all our customers.

Providing Pay Day Loans, Cheque Cashing, and other financial services--in Grande Prairie, Ft. St. John, and Fort McMurray.